Wayfinding for Writers

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"My Wayfinding session with Nina wildly exceeded my expectations, though I had worked with her before in other ways, and was always impressed with her work. Nina was so insightful and intuitive (and almost eerily spot-on) in her assessment and analysis—which was incredibly thoughtful and thorough—and she provided concrete, and incredibly helpful next steps, which ranged from the personal to professional. I am already on a path I would not have been on, without her help, and I have a new outlook, direction, enthusiasm and hope for writing, and frankly, living. I couldn't recommend it enough."


-Erin Green, author of StarsandJars.com

Many writers come to me because they feel overwhelmed or even shut down by the confusing and often discouraging information out there.

I know a lot about writing and publishing; it's been the sea I swim in for over twenty-five years. I also happen to be a teaching artist. Because of this, as soon as I started my editing business in 2009, I naturally also took on a mentorship and coaching role with clients and students.

What I see most often is that those new to the scene don't realize there are many more paths to authentic creation and publication than the mainstream information streams tell you. But if you can tune into your own internal compass, you can play a completely different game than the ones that the rule-followers are playing.


As Joseph Campbell said:

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls."

I really believe this. I've seen it happen too many times to not believe it.

And so I've dedicated my life to exploring what it means to follow your bliss. I believe that path of deep joy is fundamentally trustworthy. Yet it is often obscured by social conditioning, negated by scarcity consciousness, fragmented by the cult of distraction. But every time you can make a decision that feels good to mind, body and soul, you calibrate to bliss. And that bliss eventually leads to your genius.

What Happens in a Wayfinding Session

Wayfinding for Writers is my signature holistic approach to creative, spiritual, and practical coaching for aspiring authors. It's important to me that my clients leave more inspired, hopeful, clear, and less frustrated when they arrived. To that end, I think it's important to offer not only spiritual technologies but also very practical, technical, hands-on advice that they can implement right away.

Honestly, it was hard to fully embody my integrative (practical + spiritual/intuitive) approach until I found the term "wayfinding." So, I'm excited to share it with you!

Your wayfinding will be tailored to what you need most that day, but here are some of the more common activities:

🌿 tuning into you and listening closely as you tell me about your writing life and its projects, goals, dreams, and setbacks

🌿 asking you focused questions about what you feel the work wants to be, where it wants to go. 

🌿 helping you get a "publishing lay of the land" in practical terms

🌿 offering you tools, modalities, and hacks for writing better
🌿 helping you understand your options for building an audience on your terms
🌿 discussing potential pathways forward and how to calibrate to what feels good

🌿 answering all the questions you have, big or small, about writing and publishing. If I  don't know the answer, I'll do my best to send you resources after our session

🌿 acting as your sounding board and mirroring when appropriate, noting and reflecting back to you where I see your enthusiasm and genius wanting to come out (hint: it's usually in the areas where we assume no one wants to go with us)

I can meet with clients in person or by Zoom.


or contact me if you have questions.