Project Completed in 2018
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The Lonely Child: The Journey of Search to Find My Biological Family

Editing, Publishing, and Promotion Services for a memoir about a woman's fascinating "journey of search" for her biological family.

With the help of cover designer Rachael Gootnick, copyeditor Raquel Pidal, and professional photo scanner, Kate Jacus, we were able to create a beautiful memoir full of old photos and a compelling cover, fit for Susan's fascinating story of search.

Project Notes

The client and I met on and off for years, discussing her ongoing findings, reviewing each section, and me giving her developmental notes. Once she found a stopping place for her story, I jumped in with substantive edits and then sent to Raquel Pidal for copyediting.


I opted to bring in Rachael Gootnick, a lovely person and a clear-eyed graphic designer, to create the cover for this book so I could focus on layout, management, and other aspects of the publishing process.


I did create some collateral for Susan, namely some postcards and jpegs to promote her book launch. I also taught her, over the course of the previous year, how to built and draw attention to her Facebook author page.

Author Applause

Susan Moyer has engaged many fellow adoptees online and in person while developing her author platform. And it continues to grow with the very exciting, and timely, bill passed in 2019 finally allowing adoptees to see their birth certificates. It's moving to see how many people on Facebook are investing in Susan's journey, and how many share their journey's with her. She published in 2018 and is still very active on her author page. That is a good model for any author with a message. I love seeing what Susan has built on her own since her book came out, letting her mission and personality shine through. Clink the champagne glasses above to visit her Facebook page.

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