Project Completed in 2017
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So Many Homelands: Memories of a Daughter of the Armenian Diaspora

Editing, Publishing, and Promotion for a beautiful, big memoir of an Armenian woman raised in Egypt and then transplanted to the U.S. to start a career and life on her own.

With help of Kate Jacus' scanning abilities, we were able to pull in some special old photographs from Berdjouhi's past to compliment the many stories spanning 70+ years. Raquel Pidal came in for copyediting, and I designed cover and interior, and oversaw publication.

Project Notes

We met many times in person over the course of a number of years as she wrote section after section, sometimes reworking older pieces, to put together the puzzle of her interesting young life, education, and career.


I searched for a while to find the beautiful, nearly 3-dimensional background that would be the client's book cover. It's one of my favorite covers I ever made. I like working closely with a client, sending them options and mockups, to make sure the cover reflects them and their taste, while reaching professional standards.


Berdjouhi's book launch was the second-largest book launch I've ever seen. Over 130, all told. I created collateral: postcards and jpegs for promotion.

Author Applause

Not only did Berjouhi's personality and wonderful storytelling skills bring over a hundred people to her launch, but she pushed herself to learn a lot of new things as we were putting out the book: how to order author copies, how to send group emails, etc. Her book has been well-received, and I love seeing how many people responded to it, and how many sales she made at her launch. Clink the champagne glasses above to read a profile of her in Saint John's Living.

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