My Projects

Some recent books I provided editing, coaching, and publishing services for.

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    2020 - Witness to Two Worlds: A Memoir of Bipolar Disorder, Immigration, and Faith

    Editing, Publishing, and Promotion Services for a really lovely client with an important story to tell about mental illness, faith, family, and living between cultures.

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    2019 - The Tire Mom: My Highway to Healing

    Editing and Publishing Services for a Memoir/Nonfiction book full of important information couched in a cautionary tale of loss and learning.

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    2018 - The Lonely Child: The Journey of Search to Find My Biological Family

    Editing, Publishing, and Promotion Services for a memoir about a woman's fascinating "journey of search" for her biological family.

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    2017 - So Many Homelands: Memories of a Daughter of the Armenian Diaspora

    Editing, Publishing, and Promotion for a beautiful, big memoir of an Armenian woman raised in Egypt and then transplanted to the U.S. to start a career and life on her own.

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