Editing with Nina Alvarez

For a full run-down of the kinds of work I've done for authors over the years, check out my About Nina page.

I am mainly an editor. In simple terms, writers send me their manuscripts and I look them over closely with an eye to how to make them better.

Manuscript Analysis

If you are thinking of working with an editor, chances are you are somewhat new to publishing and looking for professional advice, polish, and guidance on your work in progress. In these cases, it's best to start with a manuscript analysis. I read through your manuscript, sometimes multiple times, until I find the best ways to help you reach the best version of your story. I will look at everything from big-picture elements like story, structure, character development, down to scene flow, transitions, clarity, how to avoid redundancy, internal logic, word choice, and any red flags that come up (sensitive material, language choices, etc). I will never censor you, just draw your attention to things. My responses should be preparing you for what an actual reader would be responding to.

Substantive Edits

Revision is a skill of its own, and it takes years to get good at it. You can think of substantive edits as me helping you apply the revisions I suggested in the analysis. Some authors do, some don't. It takes years to get good at revision, and sometimes people just need help even if they are good writers. 

All edits are done in Word using tracked changes, so you can see what has been changed. 

Cost is $6/page for analysis, $9/page for substantive edits. Page count is based on a manuscript in standard layout, which it should be before you sent it to an editor anyway. Standard layout is:

  • double-spaced

  • Times New Roman, 12

  • 1" margins

  • chapter headings at the top of their respective pages

  • .05 paragraph indentations

Some clients are very new to Word and formatting. In those cases, I can do the formatting for them. Either way, it has to be done before I can figure out the cost of the editing.

Contact me at nina@dreamyourbook.com to discuss your project or use the contact form.

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