Recognizing the Trickster

Discerning the trickster, saboteur, critic, and child self that wants to hind you (for its own reasons) from stepping into your full glory.

The Writer's Journey

The Trickster, of course, is ultimately there to lead you to truth, but not directly. It leads you astray, all the while telling you it has your best interests at heart. It uses the voice of the parent, the teacher, the boss, the kids in school, online rage, to shame and frighten you into listening to it. Mostly it uses the voice of the Critic, who is always right, smarter than you, and just trying to keep you safe.

In EMDR, a modality called Parts of Self is used. The Critic is one of those parts. It doesn't evolve for no reason. It's there because some part of you felt shamed and powerless and then decided to always do things right so no one could accuse you of whatever bad thing you think would be unbearable to be accused of.

What's so interesting, and where the house of cards falls down, is when you probe a little deeper and see that the Critic is not the same for everyone. Here is a test. Write down three things that would be the worst accusations someone could weigh against you. Then ask a friend to do it, a family member. You will find that these are different for everyone. Though we all live in the same society with the same general mores, what triggers shame and gets relegated to the Shadow (the rejected parts of self) is highly specific to the person, is based on their own perceptions, and therefore is an illusion.

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