About Nina Alvarez

Hello. I'm Nina Alvarez and below is a little bit about my current works in progress.


I am currently experimenting with theater that combines story and poetry with installation-like visuals, as well as movement. I think of these as "spells," as it were, imparting not just narrative, but coded with healing and enriching energetic activations that could hopefully be felt in the body and subtle body.


I am also developing an experimental play about the journey into the “lower worlds” I experienced during years of chronic illness, exploring the modern version of the idea of what some call “shaman sickness,” a mysterious onset of illness with symptoms (usually called autoimmune) that come from seemingly nowhere, and which I see many unexpressed shadow artists, especially women, experiencing.


I am also in the process of preparing a dystopican YA novel by Malaika Favorite for publication. It is inspired by her experiences during the Civil Rights movement as the first black girl in an all-white school.

I've woven my days with writing, editing, and publishing for many years. Below you can find my milestones.


  • Creating YouTube channel of activations for writers (Dream Your Book)

  • Began development on two plays (Writing)

  • Editing Malaika's Favorite's forthcoming YA novel (Cosmographia Books)

  • Planning to publish ebook for Fran Tepper (Dream Your Book)


  • Launched Wayfiding for Writers: my signature approach to holistic creative, spiritual, and career coaching for aspiring authors (Dream Your Book)

  • Wrote press release that landed articles for TV interview on "Good Day Rochester" (WHAM-13), and written interviews in Democrat & Chronicle and 55+(Cosmographia Books)

  • Spearheaded campaign and got Fair Lady on the ballot for City Newspaper's Best of Rochester

  • Published Fair Lady (Cosmographia Books)

  • In-depth research on the Keuka Lake Bluff Point Ruins (Writing)


  • Published Canvas Winter 2020 (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • Publication of Witness to Two Worlds by Giovanna Campomizzi May (Dream Your Book)

  • Audiobook of Another Notch in the Beltway published on audible (Dream Your Book)


  • Publication of Tire Mom by Diana Hubner (Dream Your Book)

  • Publication of So Many Homelands by Berdjouhi Esmerian (Dream Your Book)

  • Compiled and Published The Spirit It Travels: An Anthology of Transcendent Poetry (multuple authors) (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Trees Of Life And Shade by Ron Searls (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Journeys With Fortune by Elizabeth Bodien (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Salt Water by Laura Johanna Braverman (Cosmographia Books)

  • Created and hosted CosmoCon 2019, a reading for all my Cosmographia authors (Cosmographia)

  • Published Canvas Spring 2019 (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • Published Canvas Summer 2019 (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • Published Canvas Autumn 2019 (Canvas Literary Journal)



  • Published Poems For The Camel by John Barrale (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published There Is Only Lampyridae by Holly M. Hill (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published The Umbilical Universe by Sharon Whitehall (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Letters To My Lover From Behind Asylum Walls  by Robin Sinclair (Cosmographia Books)

  • Edited and Published Early American Gothic (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Island Chains by Patti Lavell (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Canvas Autumn 2018  (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • Re-Established Canvas Literary Journal

  • Publication of So Many Homelands by Berdjouhi Esmerian (Dream Your Book)

  • Publication of The Lonely Child by Susan Moyer (Dream Your Book)

  • Editing and Marketing for A Better, Not Bitter Divorce: The Fair And Affordable Way To End Your Marriage by BJ Mann (Dream Your Book)



  • Published Saving Faith by Elizabeth Osta (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Blissful And Other Stories by Steven Huff (Cosmographia Books)

  • Publication of Finding Other Countries by Alan Hilfiker (Dream Your Book)

  • Published my review "Honesty and Orientation: A Review of Proxies: Essays Near Knowing, by Brian Blanchfield" in Tupelo Quarterly



  • Taught "Teen Intensive Fiction" for Summerwrite at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Taught "Teen Intensive Playwriting" for Summerwrite at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Publication of Sources of the Morning by Alan Hilfiker (Dream Your Book)

  • Wrote "Water of Life," a profile of Jim DeCaro and his scotch collection for 55+ Magazine(Writing)



  • Published print version of The Best of Follow Your Bliss (Cosmographia Books)

  • Published Dimitri House Stories by Fran Morse (Cosmographia Books)

  • Taught Teen Intensive Fiction for Summerwrite at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Opened The Aurora Center For Creative And Spiritual Arts, 11 North Goodman, Suite #24 (Coaching)

  • Taught "Order Of The Phoenix" for Summerwrite at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • My hybrid nonfiction "Eighth Grade Bio" Published In Split Lip Magazine, April  2, 2015 (Writing)

  • Launch of "Lit Up! With Nina Alvarez," Weekly Radio Show About Writing And Spirituality. March 14, 2015. (Podcasting)

  • "The Questions Is What To Do About The Question" Published in The Sonder Review, Jan 2015 (Writing)

  • My Hybrid (Cross-Genre) Piece "Copywriting For Your Business Blog" Published in Prick Of The Spindle, April 2015 (Writing)

  • Gave talk on self-publishing at Writers & Books, May 1, 6-7 pm at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Gave Reading with Sonja Livingston And Kitty Jospe at Writers & Books, July 2015 (Writing)

  • Split Lip Magazine nominated "Eighth Grade Bio" for Sundress Publications "Best of the Net" 2015, September 2015 (Writing)

  • Gave a reading of my fiction and hybrid work at The Gennesee Reading Series at Writers & Books, December 2015 (Writing)

  • Publication of Memorial Day by Alan Hilfiker (Dream Your Book)

  • Publication of Journeys Off The Road by Alan Hilfiker (Dream Your Book)

  • Pitched Interview in 55+ Magazine for Jackie Mccullough (Dream Your Book)

  • Pitched interview in Democrat & Chronicle for Fran Morse (Cosmographia Books)

  • Pitched interview in 55+ Magazine for Fran Morse (Cosmographia Books)



  • My short play "Type Writer," Winner In The Geva 2015 2 Pages/2 Voices Festival and Staged Reading, January 2015. (Writing)

  • Taught Teen Intensive Fiction for Summerwrite at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Won Writers & Books' Big Pencil Award for teacher of young writers (Teaching)

  • Solo Reading at a Different Path Gallery In Brockport, NY (Writing)

  • Brought on to talk about self-publishing with Evan Dawson on radio, WXXI 1370 Connection "How Do You Do That?" (Dream Your Book)

  • Developmental editing, ebook layout of Finer Spirits By S.J. Seymour (Dream Your Book)

  • Got article in Post Magazine For Julian Foster, spot on The Stuart Bedasso Show, articles in City and the D&C, reading At Writers & Books, August 2014 (Dream Your Book)

  • Interviews in 55+ Magazine for clients Dorothy Ferguson and Alan Hilfiker (Dream Your Book)

  • Got article for client Terry Lehr "A Health 'Massacre' in Rochester Leads One Historian Down A Curious Path" In Gvhealth (Dream Your Book)

  • Published Winter 2014, Spring 2014, Summer 2014, and Autumn 2014 of Canvas (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • "The Battle Cry Of Frieda" produced at the 24-Hour Plays At Writers & Books (Writing)





  • Taught Teen Intensive Fiction for SummerWrite at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Published eBook of The Best of Follow Your Bliss (under Cordage Books which would later become Cosmographia) 

  • "Follow Your Bliss," radio interview on "The Life's Dash" with Michele Mattia, Jan. 3, 2013 (Cosmographia Books)

  • "Eager to Be a Writer's Companion," interview in the Rochester Business Journal, Feb. 1, 2013 (Dream Your Book)

  • "First-time playwright Nina Alvarez anticipates production" profile in Her Rochester, April 26, 2013

  • "Top 10 Things to do this Weekend" (#10: The Life of Leo Wool by Nina Alvarez) Democrat and Chronicle, May 9, 2013 (Writing)

  • My play "The Life Of Leo Wool" produced by the GRRC at The East End Theatre in May 2013. (Writing)

  • Developmental, line, copyedit, and self-publishing of Lost Trail by Robert Sinnott  (Dream Your Book)

  • Developmental editing, self-publishing consultation, and author platform development of Elderwriters by Sue Barocas  (Dream Your Book)

  • Layout, website, platform development for A Lone Star in the Green Mountains by Kathryn Bonnez  (Dream Your Book)

  • Layout, website, eBook for Kathy, Your Not Lost to Me by Jackie McCullough  (Dream Your Book)

  • Editing, self-publishing, and promotion for Before I Wake by Julian Foster  (Dream Your Book)

  • Copyedit and line edit of After Sunset by Mary Ann Nocero  (Dream Your Book)

  • Got article in 55+ Magazine for Kathryn Bonnez, Autumn 2013  (Dream Your Book)

  • Got profile of client Pat Ward-Baker. "Pat Ward-Baker Is Out To Change Negative Stereotypes Of Old Age," Her Rochester, June 2013.  (Dream Your Book)

  • Wrote book proposal for "Smart Prospecting: That Works Every Time!" by Michael Krause Sold to McGraw Hill (Dream Your Book)

  • Client Berdjouhi Esmerian's short memoir piece "Frog Legs" published in Blue Lyra Review (Dream Your Book)

  • An Excerpt From Kathryn Bonnez' A Lone Star In The Green Mountains published In The Wayfarer Journal December 21. The name of the piece is "Vermont's Sacred Acre: Contemplation Welcome."  (Dream Your Book)

  • Autumn 2013 issue of Canvas Teen Literary Journal comes out (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • Set up client Kathryn Bonnez's first reading of A Lone Star In The Green Mountains at Writers & Books. (Dream Your Book) 

  • Canvas Teen Literary Journal launches May 3. (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • "The Quest(Ion) Of Self-Publishing:" gave talk at the Rundel Library (Dream Your Book)

  • Gave 2 talks on writing at the Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival (Teaching)

  • L.A. Long's Operation No Coincidence  (first book I ever edited) published by Soul Mate Publishing (Dream Your Book) 

  • "Pat Ward-Baker Is Out To Change Negative Stereotypes Of Old Age," Profile Of Pat Ward-Baker in Her Rochester, June 11.  (Dream Your Book)

  • Established Canvas Teen Literary Journal and trained 12 teenage board members in how to run a literary journal. (Canvas Literary Journal)

  • Published Spring 2013, Summer 2013, and Autumn 2013 issues of Canvas 

  • My short play "A History of Bifurcations" produced at the 24-Hour Plays at Writers & Books (Writing)



  • Taught Teen Intensive Fiction for SummerWrite at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Fringe staged reading of my play "The Life of the Leo Wool" (Writing)

  • Taught Teen Intensive Fiction monthly at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Newspaper profile "She Stopped Underselling Her Work and Magic Happened," in the Democrat and Chronicle's Young Entrepreneurs Section, April, 2012 (Dream Your Book)

  • Copyedit and line edit on Silent Partner by Antonio Commisso (Dream Your Book)

  • Line edit and copy edit on Slim Target by S. J. Seymour (Dream Your Book)

  • Copyedit of Holding On To Faith by Joy Argento (Dream Your Book)

  • Negotiated a profile of client Sue Barocas: "Class Teaches People Ways To Write Their Memoirs," Democrat & Chronicle (Dream Your Book)

  • My nonfiction piece “No Self at the Dinner Party" published in The Finger (Writing)




  • Taught "Rewriting Your Fiction" at Writers & Books (Teaching)

  • Published my short story “The Dancing Man” in Danse Macabre, Nov. 2011 (Writing)

  • Published my poem “Death and the Maiden” in Danse Macabre, October 2011 (Writing)

  • Fiction Residency at Vermont Studio Center, May 2011 (Writing)


  • Created Follow Your Bliss magazine with Sandy Farnan and Raquel Pidal (Writing)



  • Edited "Operation No Coincidence" for LA Long (Dream Your Book)

  • Published my poem “October,” Electric Velocipede, September 2009 (Writing)

  • Created Dream Your Book (March 2009) 




  • Published “bees,” Grasslimb Journal, March 2008 (Writing)




  • My short story “Faithless” was published in Dark Reveries Magazine, Feb. 2007 (Writing)

  • My short story was published in “AC/DC,” Dark Reveries Magazine, Feb. 2007 (Writing)

  • My short story "Gravity is Weak" was published in 21 Stars Review, Feb. 2007 (Writing)

  • My prose poem "Why Do You Read Literary Theory?" was published in 21 Stars Review, Feb. 2007 (Writing)

  • My short story “Pee” was published in Swill, July 2007 (Writing)

  • My short story “If There is No One to Listen . . .” was published inTwisted Tongue Magazine, Issue 7, August 2007. (Writing)

  • My poem “Mary, Mary” was published in Contemporary Rhyme, November 2007 (Writing)

  • My poem “Nietzsche” was published in Contemporary Rhyme, November 2007 (Writing)

  • Created NinaAlvarez.net, a website sharing my favorite poetry that as of 2022 has nearly 500,000 views




  • Worked as a freelance copy editor, copywriter, and graphic designer in Philadelphia, PA. Also ran Inconudrum Press, a small, literary publishing company.



  • ​Featured reader at the 2004 Naples Land Trust Festival (Writing)



  • Taught college-level composition and literature at Finger Lakes Community College and Monroe Community College, where I won a fellowship for talented teachers of color. (Teaching)

  • Got my MA in English in 2003 from the University at Albany.




  • After spending a semester at the University of Cape Town in 2001, I wrote my master’s thesis “Apocalypse is Genesis: Homi Bhabha and the Third Space of South African Culture,” combining creative nonfiction, memoir, and criticism to explore South African literature using post-colonial, materialist, and post-structuralist methodologies. (Writing)




  • Worked briefly for Foreign Affairs Magazine in their customer service department while living in Brooklyn, NY. (Customer Service)




  • Received BA in English

  • Won Shields Mcilwaine Award For Best Poem, University At Albany, 1999 (Writing)


  • Poem published in Teen Magazine (Writing)